Friday, April 30, 2010

Rye Pale Ale Recipe

I'm a big fan of Terrapin Beer Company out of Athens Georgia and have always wanted to try to brew their popular Rye Pale Ale. The Brewing Network recently interviewed the folks at Terrapin as part of their "Can you Brew It" program and I decided to give the beer a try. As I usually do I put my own twist on the recipe so here it is (main difference is my use of Citra hops in this recipe). I plan to brew the beer this Saturday so if you are around feel free to swing by after all it is National Homebrew Day (and yes it is an officially recognized holiday).

6 Gallon Batch

Brew Day = 5/1/10

11 lbs of American Pale 2 Row
1.5 lbs of Rye Malt
1 lb of Munich
.5 lbs of Victory Malt
.5 lbs of Honey Malt

1 ounce of Magnum for 60 minutes (10.4% AA)
1 ounce of Fuggles for 30 minutes (4% AA)
.5 ounce of EK Golding for 20 minutes (5% AA)
.5 ounce of EK Golding for 10 minutes (5% AA)
.5 ounce of Citra for 3 minutes
1 ounce of Citra @ KO

Dry Hops
1.5 ounce of Amarillo for 5 days

Wyeast 1272 1 pack with a starter

Pre-Boil Gravity = 1.044
OG = 1.060
FG = 1.014
ABV = 6%
IBUs = 43

4.5 gallons of water @ 154 degrees for 1 hour

7 gallons of water for 1 hour

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