Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout

My friend and neighbor Vince is on a barrel kick lately. A few months back we got together with a group of brewers and brewed Belgian Blonde that went into a 60 or so gallon wine barrel. This time around Vince acquired a Jack Daniels Bourbon barrel which we brewed up a nice big Russian Imperial Stout to throw in it. Here is the recipe and photos from the brew day.

6 Gallons
90 Minute Boil

17.5 lbs of American 2 Row
3 lbs of Flaked Oats
1 lb of Black Patent
1 lb of Crystal 120
1 lb of Chocolate
1 lb of Roasted Barley

3 oz of Columbus - 60 minutes
1 oz of Williamette - 30 Minutes
1 oz of Williamette - KO

7 gallons of water, mash at 153 for 60 minutes and fly sparge with 5 gallons of water for 60 minutes.

American Ale Yeast (Wyeast 1056 or White Labs 001)

Pre-Boil Gravity - 1.073
OG - 1.100
FG - 1.020
ABV - 10.5%

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