Friday, January 14, 2011

Year of the IPA

Well in 2010 I was all about the Double (or like some like to say Imperial) IPA. I brewed my Double IPA about 4 times last year and used that as my focus for the local homebrew competitions. This year I decided to change gears (although just slightly). "Regular" American IPA's it is. The American IPA category gets a considerable higher number of entries in homebrew competitions making for stiffer competition. Plus I purchased a new 14 gallon conical fermentor so I'll be brewing mostly 10 gallon batches this year and mash tun just can't handle the grain bill of the Double IPA's. I plan to brew tomorrow AM (1/15/11), getting started around 9. Feel free to swing by the garage.

Here is the first version of my 2011 IPA's.
2011 IPA Version 1.0
11 Gallon Batch
60 Minute Boil

17 lbs of American 2 Row
5 lbs of Maris Otter
2 lbs of Crystal 20
1.5 lbs of Carapils

1 lb of Corn Sugar (added last 5 minutes of the boil)

3 oz of Citra for 60 Minutes
1 oz of Centennial for 30 Minutes
1 oz of Amarillo and Citra for 10 Minutes
1 oz of Amarillo and Citra for 5 Minutes
1 oz of Amarillo and Citra at KO

2 oz of Amarillo and Citra Dry Hop for 12 days
1 oz of Amarillo and Citra Dry Hop for 5 days

Wyeast 1056 American Ale – 2 packs with large starter

Pre-Boil Gravity (without sugar) = 1.049
OG = 1.064
FG = 1.010
ABV = 7.2 %
IBU = 83

8 gallons @ 152 for 60 minutes

Fly sparge with 10 gallons of water
*Photo has nothing to do with an IPA. I just thought it looks cool. Actually not even sure what beer that was.


  1. Also...forgot to mention that 5 gallons of this is going into a keg to be force carbonated while the other 5 gallons I plan to bottle condition with some brett brux.

  2. Brew Day mistake...forgot to add the 1 lb of corn sugar. Although OG came in at 1.063. So going to hold off on the corn sugar. Will add to fermentor if corn sugar is needed to dry IPA out.