Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Coffee Stout Chili

So I made my first attempt at a chili today. I wanted to make a chili that incorporated beer into the recipe and thanks to my friend Eric I was able to find a recipe which uses beer, chocolate and coffee to make a chili. Can't beat that, probably three of my favorite foods/beverages. I used the recipe he passed on as a backbone for the recipe I have included here.

2 tsp of olive oil
2 chopped onions
3 gloves of garlic minced
1 lb of lean ground beef
3/4 lb of beef sirloin cubed
1 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes
1 12 oz can of tomatoe paste
1 can of beef broth
2 15 oz cans of kidney beans
1 bottle of Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout
1 cup of strong coffee (home roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe)
1/4 cup of dark brown sugar
2 tablespoons of chili powder
1 tablespoon of cumin
1 tsp of oregano
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
1 tsp of coriander
1 tsp of salt
1 jalapeno pepper finely diced (seeds removed)
1 habanero pepper finely diced (seeds removed)
1 serranos pepper finely diced (seeds removed)
1 Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate bar

Prepare onions and garlic and brown in a pan with the oil. Once browned pour into a crock pot.
Cube sirloin, brown and pour into the crock pot.
Brown ground beef and add to crock pot.
Open all cans and pour into crock pot. Hold onto one can of the beans for later. Also add the beer and 1 cup of coffee.
Break chocolate bar into small piece, eat a few of them and throw most of them into the crock pot.
Add all spices and brown sugar to crock pot.
Set crock pot on high and let simmer for an hour and a half.
After an hour and a half add last can of beans and let simmer for another half hour.
Brown ground beef and pour into the crock pot.

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  1. This chili turned out pretty good. My sister came over for some and Steph and Elliott had some as well. My sister and Steph thought there was something a bit off that they couldn't quite place but I enjoyed it. I think it was the chocolate which kind of made it unique and was throwing them off. The heat might have been a little intense for them as well but personally I would have liked to see a bit more heat. Next timea around I will probably add another pepper or two and increase the chili powder. Might cup back the brown sugar as well.