Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Middle States Hop Ale

I finally got around to brewing what I have been referring to as Middle States Hop Ale again.  Since this was my first batch brewed in Lawrence and due to some changes I made to my system and brewing software I didn't have the numbers quite dialed in and the first batched turned into more of an "imperial pale ale".  This time around I also decided to just stick to pilsner malt, wheat and oats.  I was also able to get my hands on hops that I originally wanted (thanks to my local homebrew shop JWL Craft Brewing in Lawrence, KS) ...Columbus for bitter along with Citra and Amarillo for aroma. 

At this point I think the only thing I would change in this recipe is the bittering hop addition.  For this 10 gallon batch I plan to take it from 3 oz of Columbus down to 2 ounces (75 to 50 IBUs). This beer also finished below 1.005 so I might lower the pilsner malt addition just a touch to get this beer under 5% abv.  I do like how dry it turned out so don't want to change the FG at all. 

Middle States Hop Ale

11 Gallon Batch
90 Minute Boil

18 lbs of Pilsner Malt (85%)
1 lb of Oats (5 %)
1 lb of Wheat (5%)
1 lb of Clear Candi Sugar (5%)

3 oz of Columbus (13.9% AA) for 60 Minutes
1 oz of Citra (14 % AA) for 10 Minutes
2 oz of Amarillo and 1 oz Citra (% AA) at KO

1 oz of Citra and 3 oz of Amarillo dry hop for 11 days
1 oz of Citra and 1 oz Amarillo for 3 days

WLP-001 – American Ale
7.5 gallons @ 149 for 60 minutes

Fly sparge with 9.5 gallons of water
The Numbers
OG – 1.044
FG – 1.002
ABV = 5.5%
IBU = 75

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